Knox Box Program

We would like to introduce our Residential Knox Box Program to the citizens of our Fire District. 

The program consists of providing a “key box” on loan to residents who qualify.  This key box is called a Knox box.  The Knox box is a secure vault for you, the homeowner, to put your house key in.  The box is then hung on or adjacent to your front door for fire and medical personnel to access in the case of emergency. 

The Fire District securely maintains a master key that is kept in a locked vault on each ambulance and fire truck in the District.  We have the only key that can access your Knox box.     

The purpose of the Knox box is so your Fire District personnel can gain access to your home to assist you in a fire or medical emergency.  The Knox box is provided for instances where you could not answer the door for the paramedics due to illness or injury. Please install a Knox Box today!


Eligibility / Program Rules

In order to be deemed eligible and loaned a Knox box from Chiloquin Fire & Rescue a person must: 

  1. Reside within the boundaries of Chiloquin Fire & Rescue’s service area. 
  2. Have an existing medical or physical condition that could render them unable to open a locked entry door in the case of an emergency. 
  3. Fill out a Residential Knox Box Program application and follow the program rules. 
  4. The Knox box will remain the property of Chiloquin Fire & Rescue and is only loaned to residents for use at the address listed on the application. 
  5. Participants are required to sign an application and abide by the agreement. 
  6. The Knox box shall be hung on the front door or securely attached next to the front door, and participants are to provide the Fire District with a key to the door. 
  7. Should the homeowner ever change the door locks, it is the resident’s responsibility to notify the Fire District and provide us with the new door key. 
  8. The loaner Knox box shall be returned to Chiloquin Fire & Rescue when the original participant no longer resides at the property address in question.  

If you have more questions about the program please contact us: 541-783-3860.  We would be more than happy to install your FREE Knox box today!